Creating a New Project

           To start a new project, press "New". An interface to define search and download (website) criteria will appear on your screen.

Then enter in the left window the list of websites (URL) which you would like to download. By pressing the Load button you can download the list from a text file.

By pressing "Options" you enter the specific properties for your search project. Here you should check your directories and make sure you have enough disk space to download the required websites.

Search properties are entered the same way as default properties.

After you have assigned the search parameters, close this window and save the project by pressing "save as". Then give the project file any name you choose.

For example, you could call the site

Then proceed to download the data by pressing the "Download" button.

The properties that are most often changed are "download files" and "number of connections". These properties are conveniently located at the top of the search window toolbar to avoid having to exit this environment and enter data in another window.

After downloading data we recommend pressing "save as" or "save".

In this way you will be able to reuse these properties, if needed, at a later time.

To access existing projects, press "open" and choose the name of the project.

You can re-download websites by pressing the "download" button or by continuing the download from the last site you have visited. To do this select the proper file on the "download tree" and press "Resume".

The program contains two main setting options:

    1. Default Options � used for general default settings. The menu settings chosen in this menu item will be applied to new projects;
    2. Project Options � used to set the options for a specific project, such as the number of connections, the directory to which files are to be downloaded and filtering properties.
The second menu item will be available only after you set up or open a project.
  • Introduction
  • How the program works
  • General settings
  • Downloading a website
  • Online / Offline Preview
  • Additional requirements
  • Interface setting
  • Screenshots



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