Online / Offline Preview

        On the right-hand side (see figure 4) you can see the window for viewing web pages. This window can run either

If you double-click the mouse on the page you have chosen in the site map the active window of the browser will show the on and offline version of the link. If the online page is open the browser will download the page online. 
If the offline page is open, the program will attempt to download the file from the hard drive of your computer. If a file has not yet been downloaded onto the hard drive, the directory into which the file is to be downloaded will be highlighted. 

This browser window allows you to perform the same operations as with an ordinary browser: surfing and using links to move around. Use the right-hand mouse key to call up the local menu. You can move the browser window or remove it through the main menu of the program.

You can view pages both offline and online while you download other documents.

The search button can be used to find documents you are looking for in the site map.

Aside from usual html pages a site may contain databases or dynamic html documents. As a matter of fact, documents are created when users make a request or a search query to a database on the web server. These documents may have specific file name symbols or very long URL length and cannot be saved under the same name in MS Windows.

These pages of the program will be automatically renamed and numbered in the proper sequence. That's why the names of files downloaded onto the hard drive of your computer may differ from the URL of the Internet version of a document. This is mainly the case for customized pages.

Other setting options

The program also offers a range of other frequently-used options.

If you have a text file with a list of websites, you can download this file into the site window using the load button.

You can also copy a link into the clipboard and the paste it:

You can also delete unnecessary links from the site structure or paste them onto the clipboard.

Other properties can be set by selecting options or project options on the menu list. For example, using the latter item you can make customized filter settings and downloading level options. More detailed information can be found in the section entitled General settings.

  • Introduction
  • How the program works
  • General settings
  • Creating a New Project
  • Downloading a website
  • Additional requirements
  • Interface setting

  • Screenshots

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